Getting your car ready for winter

Having a car is a necessity for most people. You count on it to get you to work, to school, to shopping, and all the other things you do every day. Servicing your car is part of responsible auto ownership and it just makes good sense. No one wants to be stuck on the side of the road with a breakdown that should never happen. Another important part of auto ownership is having the necessary insurance. Rasor Insurance in Celina, TX is the local independent insurance agent that you can count on to make sure you comply with Texas insurance law. 

Getting your car ready for winter is an important part of vehicle maintenance. If you are into DIY you can do many of these things yourself but if you prefer, you can take your car in for an oil change and get most things taken care of. 

Check your battery

You can buy a battery checker yourself or you can have it checked when you get your oil change. Nothing is worse than going out in the cold and having your ar refuse to turn over. 

Fill your window wash

In the winter with salt and sand on the roads, the chance of your windshield getting dirty is greater. It is always best to have your window washed filled to the top. Make sure your wipers are good while you are at it. 

Check your antifreeze

Making sure that you have adequate coolant is important when you will be calling on your car to keep you warm and toasty often. 

Check your tires

Check to make sure your tires still have adequate tread to grip the road properly and check tire pressure. Be sure you have your spare in your trunk and your jack. 

Put together a winter safety kit

Make sure that if you break down in the cold you are prepared with a warm blanket, hat, and gloves. 

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What to Ask Your Agent About Umbrella Insurance

Having umbrella insurance is a way to provide additional protection for your home, auto, business, and more. There’s a myth that only people with significant assets need this kind of insurance, but that’s not actually accurate. Anyone can benefit from an additional level of insurance coverage because they have more protection that way. That stronger protection can also lead to peace of mind, and that’s a vital part of life. If you’re in the Celina, TX area, Rasor Insurance can help you determine if an umbrella policy would be a good choice for your needs and situation.

There’s no reason to settle for a life where you’re always concerned about protecting your assets when you can get adequate coverage to ease that fear. By working with a knowledgeable agent on any questions you have, you’ll get the information you need to make a good decision about the types of insurance policies you have. Whether you need a different policy, an additional one, or something else, you can find what works for you and consider how the right insurance level will keep you protected for the future.

Reach out to us at Rasor Insurance today, and let us help you with an umbrella insurance policy you can rely on. All of our Celina, TX customers can enjoy more peace of mind when they have what they need. Asking your agent about your specific situation and how this kind of insurance can protect you is a good first step toward adding to the quality insurance coverage you already have. It’s also a good idea to ask your agent about your policy if it needs reviewing. That way, you can make any necessary changes so you’ll be better prepared for anything that may come up at a later date.

Does my homeowners policy protect my jewelry and art?

Protecting your home in Hutchinson, KS is one of your main goals. You and your family depend on your home for protection and security.

Your homeowner’s policy through Rasor Insurance is a way you can make sure that if anything happens, you and your family will be able to recover and move on. With your policy, you can feel comfortable knowing that if your home is ever a victim of fire, natural disaster, theft, or vandalism, your insurance company will step in to help.

What Does a Typical Homeowners Policy Cover?

Most people don’t think very much about what the actual policy says. Your policy is basically a contract between you and the insurance company, and any coverage and limits will be spelled out specifically in that contract.

Your policy will have an upper limit of coverage and a deductible, which is how much you will have to pay before your claim kicks in. There are also limits for certain kinds of claims, such as limits on the structure instead of items within the home.

Specifically, your policy will protect the physical home itself and any outbuildings, such as detached garages or sheds. It will also protect most of the contents and treatments, such as major appliances and carpeting.

Your electronics and personal items, like books and clothing, are also protected under your policy. The problem is that the amount of coverage tends to be smaller for personal items, and your true valuables will probably exceed those limits.

If you live in Hutchinson, KS, you can help you look over your policy to see if you need more protection. You can probably get an additional policy or add on to your existing one. If you want help or have questions about your policy, please call Rasor Insurance today.

Common Misconceptions About Farm & Ranch Insurance That Farm Owners Should Avoid

Rasor Insurance proudly serves the Celina, TX community by offering residents different types of insurance coverage. We want to help our clients protect the assets that they have worked so hard to acquire. It’s crucial for us to help you find the protection that you deserve.

Farm & Ranch Insurance

The farm and ranch industry continues to help stimulate the economy in Texas. For ranchers to maximize their abilities, they must research the benefits of farm and ranch insurance. The policy allows ranchers to protect their livestock and their farm.

Misconceptions About Farm & Ranch Insurance

While researching different policies, try to avoid a large amount of misinformation regarding Farm & Ranch insurance.

You Don’t Have To Analyze The Market.

It’s vital that you analyze the market while you research different policies. Market projections help dictate how the crops on the farm may perform during a specific season.

Add Umbrella Insurance Instead

There is a misconception that adding umbrella insurance is a better way to cover everything on the farm. This is incorrect. Farm and ranch insurance allows farmers to protect their crops, livestock, and equipment in ways that other policies do not.

The Policy Only Covers Farmers With A Lot Of Crops

This is incorrect. The policy will protect you regardless of the size and the number of crops that you are growing.

Farm & Ranch Insurance Is Too Complex

Some farmers believe that finding the right policy is too complex, which causes them to avoid entering the industry altogether. Regardless of the market conditions and your goals, you should find a policy that suits your needs and allows you to be successful.  

Rasor Insurance Will Help You Find Coverage

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Three important decisions when you purchase home insurance

Home insurance protects the assets of homeowners. It’s an essential product for you to invest in when you buy a home in Celina, TX. At Rasor Insurance, we offer insurance options to meet the needs of area homeowners.

The following are three decisions you need to make when you choose your home insurance policy. 

The amount of your deductible

Your deductible amount is the amount you have to pay out of pocket when you file a claim and need home repairs. Home insurance doesn’t typically cover the full amount of the damages. First, the homeowner must pay the deductible.

The more your deductible is, the more of a financial burden you’ll experience if your home becomes damaged. However, a low deductible usually means you’ll pay higher monthly premiums. It would help if you found a balance between an affordable premium and affordable deductible for your policy. 

Whether you’ll invest in add-on coverages

There are numerous add-on coverages to consider including flood insurance, earthquake insurance, and sewer and drain backup insurance coverage. It would be best if you considered your add-on coverge options to see which types you need or want to have. 

Whether you’ll have a replacement cost or actual cash value policy

Home insurance coverage is typically specified as replacement cost or actual cash value. Replacement cost coverage is ideal because you will be provided the actual amount of money required to replace your property in the event of damage. With actual cash value, the amount of depreciation on your property will be factored into how much you get for any claim of damage. 

Do you have questions or concerns about home insurance in Celina, TX? We can help you at Rasor Insurance. Get in touch with us via our website to explore our home insurance policy options.

Benefits of getting recreational insurance policy

Living in the Celina, TX area can be a great overall experience. When you are in this area, there will be plenty of recreational activities that you can take advantage of. To maximize your experience, you should consider getting a recreational insurance policy. This form of insurance coverage will help to protect you and your recreational assets in several different ways due to the benefits that it provides.

Covers Asset

One of the main benefits of getting a recreational insurance policy is that it will give you coverage for your asset. Buying a recreational asset will always come with a big purchase and investment. The last thing that you will want to happen is to lose your asset due to an accident or theft. Fortunately, if this does happen and you have insurance coverage, you will receive the protection you need to repair or replace your vehicle.

Gives Liability Protection

You will also need to get a recreational insurance policy because it gives valuable liability protection. Anyone that drives a recreational vehicle is going to take on the risk that they could cause an accident that leads to injuries or property damage. In these cases, it will be up to you to pay restitution. Fortunately, with a full insurance policy, you will receive the protection you need to cover these damages. 

As you are shopping for a new recreational insurance policy in the Celina, TX area, you should reach out to the team at Rasor Insurance. When you work with Rasor Insurance, you can learn a lot more about how recreational insurance can help protect you and your asset. The team here will be able to complete a full assessment of your situation and then determine what type and level of insurance coverage are right for you. 

Why do I need Celina renters insurance?

If you are moving to the Celina, TX area, there are many great options available for housing. One option to consider is to rent a home. When you are going to rent a property in this area, there are several factors to take into consideration before you move in. If you are going to rent your home, it is vital that you get a renters insurance policy to provide you with the necessary protections. There are several reasons why you need to have this coverage.

Provides Valuable Coverage

The most important reason why you need to have renter’s insurance is that it will provide you with very valuable protection. With a renter’s insurance policy, you will receive coverage for your personal assets as well as personal liability protection. In a situation of a fire, theft, or an accident that occurs inside your rental unit, this could prove to be extremely valuable.

Required by Lease

The second reason to get a renter’s insurance policy is that your landlord will likely require it. Any commercial property owner knows how important it is for tenants to carry renter’s insurance. Due to this, it is very likely that your landlord will require that you have this insurance at all times. Usually, you will need to provide evidence of insurance before you move into your new home.

When you move into a new Celina, TX rental home, it is vital that you get a quality renters insurance policy. When you are looking for a new policy, you should reach out to the team at Rasor Insurance to discuss your insurance needs. The insurance professionals at Rasor Insurance will help to provide you with advice and make sure that you know all of your options when picking a new policy. 

What Kind of RV Insurance Is Necessary in Texas?

RVs have additional liability when it comes to insurance. Depending on the type of RV, it can be considered a home and will need both homeowners and regular auto insurance. Insurance providers often include both types of insurance in a policy. Trailer and pull along RVs require trailer insurance.

If you own an RV in Texas, the agents at Rasor Insurance in Celina, TX can help you with your RV insurance needs. There are options to choose from depending on the type of RV you own. Some different types of coverage available include:

Different types of RV insurance

There are different types of insurance, like liability insurance, which covers costs when you are responsible for a collision with your RV. There is collision insurance that will compensate you when you sustain damage to your RV regardless of fault. And also, comprehensive insurance covers damage in non-accident related scenarios such as natural disasters. There are also some other types of RV insurance your agent can discuss with you when you get coverage.

Standalone RVs

If you need home-related coverage for standalone motorized RVs, there are some options to choose from. Different types of home RV insurance include contents insurance, which covers belongings inside your RV, including appliances and clothing. There is also full-timer liability insurance, which covers individuals that reside in their RV more than six months out of the year. If you use your RV primarily for vacation, then vacation liability insurance covers shorter durations that you reside in your RV for extended trips.

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Beneficial Motorcycle Insurance in Texas

If there is any place to enjoy riding a motorcycle for a daily commute or long distance, Texas, with consistent days of sun, hot temperatures, and cool breezes, is that perfect state for a ride. However, you cannot just jump behind a motorcycle and go for a rid. There are some detailed requirements to follow. 

Here at Rasor Insurance, we do our best to make sure our clients can get the type of insurance they need. Based in Celina, TX, and founded in 2002, the mission, values, and morals of this business have been nothing less than great to the local community. Here are some key things you need to keep in mind when searching for your motorcycle insurance. 

The basics that you need for motorcycle insurance in Texas

The state requires that anyone who is a motorcycle owner must have a Class M driver’s license. To receive this license, you must take a DPS-approved motorcycle safety course. Once that is completed, you then take your certification of completion with you to the driver’s license office. In regards to coverage requirements, you will need property damage and bodily injury through your insurance agency to some degree. There will be a variety of options for you to choose from based upon your driving record and other information. 

The equipment that you need by state rules

When you are behind the wheel of a motorcycle by yourself, and on the road, by state rules, you are to have the following in order to comply with state regulations. One tail lamp, one red reflector in the rear, one-stoplight, and no more than two headlamps. If for any reason, that one of your headlamps goes out, it is illegal to drive with just one (we recommend getting the second fixed as soon as possible). You are required to have a license plate lamp (similar to a regular car license plate light).

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7 Boat Insurance Coverage Tips To Help You Find The Best Policy

Looking for boat or watercraft insurance in the Prosper or Celina, TX areas?

Insurance is important for a variety of reasons. Boat Insurance covers boat owners during cases where the boat gets damaged or someone gets injured while they are on the boat. Boat insurance primarily covers boats that have motors, such as fishing boats and yachts. Here are several tips to help you find the best policy for your boat.

Research Different Policies Before Adding Accessories

While you may be tempted to add some accessories to your boat, do some research before you purchase anything. Many insurers do not cover boat accessories.

The Size Of The Boat Is Important

If you have a large boat, your policy will likely contain language that outlines the radius that you are allowed to use your boat in. If you travel outside of that radius, your policy may not cover you.

If You Have An Older Boat, Get An Inspection

If you are seeking coverage on an older boat, you should have your boat inspected in order to receive an accurate assessment of the boat’s condition and value. This will help insurance companies give you a better quote.

Pay Attention To The Weather

If you live in an area where natural disasters frequently occur, that will certainly impact your policy. You may have to purchase special coverage to protect your boat in the event of a natural disaster.

Will Other People Operate Your Boat

Research different policies before you let someone else operate your boat, especially if they are a minor. According to the state law in Texas, children under the age of 13 are restricted from operating a boat unless an adult is on board.

Read The Engine Language

Keep in mind that some insurance policies will not cover engine failure if it happens as a result of natural wear and tear.

Check For A Dormant Policy

During dormant periods, you’ll likely put your boat up. However, it’s important that you pay special attention to the length of the dormant policy. You may not be covered if you operate your boat during the dormant period.

Consult With Rasor Insurance

For more information about boat insurance, contact Rasor Insurance. Based out of Celina, TX, Rasor Insurance is committed to helping their clients regardless of their situation.