3 Reasons You Should Have Umbrella Insurance

With so many bills scrambling for your check, you may wonder why you should add umbrella insurance to your insurance list. After all, you already have a boat, home, and car insurance policy. But as you will learn from Rasor Insurance of Celina, TX, umbrella insurance is an asset that everyone earning a source of income should purchase. 

Here are three reasons why you need umbrella insurance.

Legal claims can be expensive

Your home and auto liability insurance coverages are good, but they can only stretch as far when faced with significant liability claims. For instance, an average dog bite legal settlement costs an average of about $45,000. Suppose you have home liability insurance of $10,000. When faced with a dog bite claim, you will be short of $35,000. Without umbrella insurance, your assets and future income will be in limbo. 

Unfortunately, everyone can be sued anytime. Whether super-rich or trying to make a living, umbrella insurance protects you from legal claims that can cost you thousands, if not millions of dollars.

To protect your assets

How long has it taken to accumulate your assets? Now, assume someone claiming your investments because of some frivolous lawsuits? It can be painful watching your assets being liquidated to pay settlement claims. Luckily, this isn’t the case when you have umbrella insurance. This affordable coverage ensures that you aren’t financially devastated even after lawsuits come raining.

For peace of mind

In our society today, you can be sued for virtually anything. And because of the litigious society we live in, you don’t have to live on the edge wondering who might come for your assets. Instead, let umbrella insurance take care of all your worries. 

Umbrella insurance in Celina, TX

Lawsuits are expensive and can potentially lead to lost assets. Thankfully, if you buy umbrella insurance from Rasor Insurance, it can protect your assets from all manner of lawsuits. 

What are the advantages of having home insurance in Texas?

The Celina, TX area has continued to be a great place for people to purchase their own homes. As you are shopping for a property in this state, you will find that having the proper insurance will be a good investment and idea. There are several advantages that will come when you have home insurance coverage here.

Protect Property

If you want to buy a home here, you will want to know your investments is protected. A home insurance plan gives the coverage needed to repair your home if it is damaged by weather, vandalism, fire, or other risks. This coverage ultimately will help to ensure you have the capacity to repair or even replace your property. 

Mitigate Liability Risk

Property owners will take on some liability risk. An accident in your home that results in injuries or property damage could be the owner’s responsibility. With a home insurance plan, you are going to have the coverage you need to mitigate this concern. 

Ensure Compliance

You also will want to have a home insurance plan as it will ensure you remain in compliance with any obligations. Property owners are frequently required to carry home insurance. If you are living within a home association or took out a mortgage, you likely will be required to have coverage. 

A property owner in the Celina, TX area will clearly always want to have a home insurance plan in place. As you are assessing your insurance options in this part of Texas, speaking with the professionals with Rasor Insurance will be a very good idea. The team with Rasor Insurance can provide any support that you need to build a quality plan. This will help to ensure you and your home are properly covered at all times. 

What Insurance Does A Non-Commercial Farm Need?

If you operate a small family farm or care for one as a hobby around Celina, TX, you have insurance needs that a typical homeowners policy will not cover. Rasor Insurance is here to help farms and ranches of any size. Let’s take a look at what farming activities need specialized insurance.


Machinery and equipment used on farms and ranches is an expensive but often necessary investment. This includes tractors and other field equipment necessary for crop management. 


If you manage livestock on your farm, an insurance policy will offer coverage in the event they are injured or killed due to a basic peril. Some agencies offer extensions to cover more unique perils, such as being killed by a train or attacks by wild animals. 

Many companies offer separate coverage for horses and other equine animals. This coverage can be used for horses that work on the farm, are used for breeding or shows, or are simply kept for pleasure. Examples of equine insurance coverage include death due to sickness or disease and major medical expenses. 


Outbuildings such as barns or sheds for equipment may not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. Depending on how far away the building is from your home and what it is used for, you may need a farm policy instead. 


Most agencies require a separate policy to insure crops that are on the field. However, crops that are in storage can be covered by a basic farm insurance policy. This includes stored grain and seeds.

Farm and ranch insurance is a highly customizable option to protect your hobby farm, even if you do not plan to make money off of it. Reach out to Rasor Insurance, serving Celina, TX, today to learn more!

Three Ways That Home Insurance Protects You

Owning your home comes with a number of important responsibilities. One of those is to get a thorough home insurance policy and to keep it as long as you own your home. These policies come with a number of different coverage types that will give you a wealth of protection against different circumstances. If you need a home policy, contact us at Rasor Insurance in Celina, TX.

Home Protection

Home insurance protects your home against a number of calamities and accidents that can happen at any time. If something were to damage or destroy your house, it’s important to have this protection in place so that you can fix it or rebuild it. Without this insurance, you could be stuck not being able to fix the house and living in difficult circumstances. Be sure that you have this insurance in place at all times. 

Protection for Your Belongings

Home insurance offers protection for your belongings that are inside your house. These belongings can be worth quite a lot when put together, and they need protection. If something serious were to happen in your home that ruined your belongings, your home insurance can pay for them to be replaced. Without this coverage, it would be extremely expensive to replace everything that was damaged. With this insurance, it can be as easy as filing a claim. 

Protecting Your Financial Future

If a guest were to be on your grounds or in your home and were to have an accident or become sick, you may be responsible for their medical bills. Your liability will mean that you’ll have to pay those bills yourself unless you have a home insurance policy. This policy can pay for those bills so you won’t have to. 

Get Your Home Policy

If you need home insurance, contact us at Rasor Insurance in Celina, TX.

Guide To Help Texas Residents Find Recreational Insurance

Rasor Insurance is proud to serve the Celina, TX community. Each of our clients has a unique situation, so we strive to make sure that they find a policy that aligns closely with their needs. We will sit down with you to make sure that your personal needs are addressed. This will help us serve you so that you can live a comfortable lifestyle.

Recreational Insurance Guide

Millions of people across the United States own some type of recreational vehicle. If you are planning a vacation away from Celina TX in your recreational vehicle, think about protecting your asset. Recreational insurance covers your vehicle against the threat of possible damage. Common recreational vehicles include ATVs, RVs, and watercraft. Each of these vehicles is a relatively high risk assets. You are fully covered if you accidentally damage someone’s property while operating your vehicle. Liability coverage also protects you if you cause bodily harm to someone, including your passengers.

Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle if you are a victim of theft or someone vandalizes it. You also have to account for the likelihood of severe weather. Comprehensive coverage covers your asset if it catches on fire or suffers damage due to a tornado. You can also add emergency breakdown coverage, which ensures that you will receive urgent service if your engine breaks down, for example. Storage coverage is another option to consider. Accidents can happen even when you aren’t using your vehicle. Perhaps a fire starts in the area where your recreational vehicle is. Storage coverage protects you if something goes wrong.

Depending on the type of recreational vehicle that you have, you can add uninsured motorist coverage. Uninsured motorist coverage protects you if you are injured or your vehicle suffers damage and the other party does not have insurance.

Rasor Insurance Will Help You Protect Your Assets

Visit our website to learn more information about recreational insurance.

3 Benefits of Renters Insurance for Texans

Most people buy auto and health insurance but tend to overlook one crucial insurance called renters insurance. If you rent condos, apartments, and homes, this insurance is a valuable tool that every renter should consider. If renter’s insurance has never crossed your mind, perhaps now will be the time. Here are the benefits you accrue when you purchase renters insurance from Rasor Insurance. 

It covers your belongings.

Renters insurance serves as a protection plan for your personal belongings — talk of your laptops, couches, gaming console, and all your electronics. This coverage protects you from loss of items, destruction, or theft. Interesting still is that the policy follows you even outside your rental property. For example, if your laptop was stolen in your car, this coverage will pay for it. 

It offers liability protection.

Renters insurance covers property damage and bodily injuries sustained to others. For instance, if someone gets injured in your rental property, the cover pays for the medical expenses and legal fees if the person sues you.

It offers additional living expenses.

Renters insurance also provides loss of use coverage when your condo or apartment becomes uninhabitable. You’d be intrigued to know that your coverage can help you get into a hotel and pay for additional costs if you temporarily are displaced. 

While you sit and assume that your landlord has insurance that will cover you in the unfortunate event, the truth is you are responsible for your personal belongings. Before you ignore renters insurance, think of the benefits stated above and the financial mess you would slide in if disasters strike

Renters insurance in Celina, TX

Are you ready to get started with renters insurance? Call or visit us at Rasor Insurance. Our dedicated team will take you through all the plans available for your renter’s insurance.


Who needs a Texas RV insurance plan?

If you are in the Celina, TX area and want to enjoy all that the state has to offer, investing in an RV could be a great idea. With an RV, you will have the ability to travel all over the state and country while having a convenient place to sleep when not on the road. While an RV can bring you a lot of fun and joy, it is also an important asset you need for proper insurance. There are a lot of situations when someone will need RV insurance here.

People that Have a Loan Outstanding

A situation when a lot of people will need RV insurance is when they have an outstanding loan. Buying an RV is a major investment that will require a loan for a lot of owners. To ensure that their loan is secured, a lender will require that RV owners have a full collision and comprehensive coverage plan.

Insurance Needed When Driving

All motorists need to have liability insurance in Texas. For those that are going to drive an RV, you need to at least have an RV insurance plan with a liability insurance component that complies with state law. This can guarantee that you can cover damages if you cause an accident when on the road. 

If you want to evaluate your RV insurance needs and are in the Celina, TX area, it would be wise to call Rasor Insurance. Anyone looking for an RV insurance plan should make sure that they are assessing all of their needs and options. The team at Rasor Insurance can give you the support needed to choose a new insurance plan that is right for your situation. 

Motorcycle Maintenance Can Reduce Your Need to File Insurance Claims 

Proper and regular maintenance can reduce your need to file insurance claims by helping your cycle run better. Your brakes and acceleration function better, making it easier to stop quickly and accelerate to miss objects in the road. Follow these tips from Rasor Insurance, serving Celina, TX, to care for your bike.

Before you hop on for that first spring ride, take a couple of hours to ready your bike. You can improve its running and enjoy a smoother ride.  

Examine Your Bike for Unwanted Visitors

Even if you used a cover and kept your bike inside during winter, you need to check it for debris, dust, dirt, and the occasional rodent. Check the intake system and exhaust system for bugs and mice. Dust off the bike and give it a good wipe down with a clean cloth. 

Drain the Bike’s Fuel Tank

You need to get rid of the stale, untreated fuel by draining the tank. Before you throw out the fuel, check its color. If you see a gritty brown substance, that’s rust. The inside of your bike’s gas tank is rusted. Use an acid remover to flush your fuel tank. You can put a clean-burning fuel in it, but you need to replace your fuel tank pretty soon. 

Add Fuel Stabilizer

Add a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank to clear any remaining contaminants. This helps you avoid engine misfiring. 

Change the Oil

You would need new engine oil even if you changed your oil before you stored it for winter. The oil may have condensation built up in it. You should change the oil filter, too. 

Check the Other Major Fluids

Also, check the brake and hydraulic fluid levels. Examine them for deterioration, appropriate color, and consistency. If they have grown too gummy or thin, replace them. This also applies if the fluids became dirty. 

Inspect the Bike’s Battery

Charge your motorcycle battery. If it has a tough time holding the charge, replace it. Check the fluid levels in each cell. Fill the cells with distilled water. If the battery is older than four years of age, replace it. 

Check the Electrical System and Controls

Examine the gauges, headlights, brake lights, switches, turn signals, and horns. Also, test the clutch, throttle, and steering. Check cables for tears or frays. Clean off your headlights so cars can see you better at night. 

Clean the Chain and Check the Brake Levers and Pads

Use lubricant on the chain after cleaning it. Dirt on the chain inhibits the motorcycle’s performance. Use a degreaser on the chain, too. Check the brakes, especially that the brake pads are at least 1/8 inch thick. Thicker is better.  

Putting this time into your bike care ensures you can enjoy a safer ride. You can also reduce the number of claims you need to file with Rasor Insurance of Celina, TX.

Covering Texas Boaters in Celina, TX.

Texas is one of the states where having a separate insurance policy for your boat is not required by law. In Celina, TX, some homeowner’s policies will extend to cover damages to a boat. However, the homeowner’s policy alone will not provide sufficient coverage for a loss sustained on a boat. For one thing, homeowner’s policies do not provide any personal liability coverage. That means you are not protected for any bodily injury or property damage sustained on your boat by you or your crew (or a guest). Only a specific boat owner’s policy will provide that coverage.

Even though being out on the water is fun and exciting, waterways hide intrinsic dangers. Many hazards wait out there for boat owners. Fires, storms, collisions with other boats, lightning, or even vandalism can put you in financial difficulty if you do not have sufficient coverage to protect your asset against common losses.

Rasor Insurance provides policies for boat owners in Celina, TX that cover most of the necessary risks, such as:

  •  If you are involved in a collision, the policy will protect you against property damage liability and personal injury liability.
  •  If your boat is severely damaged in an accident, the cost of towing can be covered by the policy.
  •  If you own a large vessel and hire an additional crew, your policy will cover damages and medical costs if any of your crew are injured aboard your vessel.
  •  When your boat is unusable after an accident, the policy will cover the cost of removing the wreck.
  •  If your boat is damaged and pollutes the water, the policy will provide funds for cleaning up costs.

Life is unpredictable on the water, so visit the Rasor Insurance office to discuss your insurance needs.

3 Ways to Protect Your Business from Disasters

Major disasters like fire, tornadoes, and hurricanes can devastate your small business in a short amount of time, leaving you to pick up the pieces after. By taking measures to protect your enterprise against disasters, you stand a better chance of recuperating your losses. The following tips from Rasor Insurance can help safeguard your Celina, TX enterprise against disasters.

Maintain Adequate Insurance Coverage

Make sure your business has the coverage it needs to protect you against disasters. This includes property and business interruption coverage. Property insurance will protect your building, business equipment, and inventory against damage or a total loss due to a disaster. Business interruption helps cover loss of revenue, payroll, and other vital business expenses while your business is closed for disaster repairs.

Create a Disaster Prep Plan

If your business doesn’t have a disaster prep plan, now would be a good time to make one. This plan should include: 

  • Evacuation routes for workers in case disaster strikes during work hours
  • Delegated tasks for supervisors so everyone knows what role to play during and after a disaster.
  • A plan for communicating with employees, customers, and the public after a disaster
  • Options for remote work to keep business operations going during disaster recovery 

Ensure that all workers are familiar with the plan to know what to do if and when the time comes.

Back-Up Essential Data

Ensure your essential data is backed up in the cloud or copies stored safely off-site, so you don’t lose vital information if and when disaster strikes. This includes employee and customer data, financial records, insurance records, tax forms, etc. Easy access to this data is key to helping you recover from a disaster.

For information on commercial coverage to protect your Celina, TX business against disasters, contact Rasor Insurance.