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Flood Insurance in Texas

Why You Need Flood Insurance in Texas

You may not be required to have flood insurance in the state depending on where your home is located. However, if your house is in a flood zone designation then you are required to have a certain amount of flood insurance. A flood zone is an area that has a 1% chance of flooding in any given year.

Floods can happen anywhere. It’s important to remember that half the homes that were flooded by Hurricane Harvey weren’t in any designated flood zones. Texas can be prone to floods. Almost every major city has a risk of flooding. Flood maps can also be difficult to upgrade because growth can also add to the flood risk. Pastures and prairies absorb excess rainfall from any storm. When those lands are replaced by asphalt and concrete, the new areas are at risk for flooding. Even if your home is not in a designated flood zone, you may still want to consider insurance. Your home insurance policy won’t cover flooding damage so if there is a flood, you will need to rely on other forms of aid, which may not always be available.

What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

Insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) has a maximum coverage limit of $100,000 for the home's contents and $250,000 for the home’s structure. You may be able to purchase larger policies through an agent at Rasor Insurance Agency. If you are a renter, then you can purchase coverage to protect your contents.

Flood insurance in Celina, TX will cover standard home systems such as the furnace, water, plumbing, and electrical. It will also include carpeting and installed features such as built-in cabinets or paneling. The foundation and support structures, including staircases, are covered if they are built into the house. Personal property and appliances are covered unless kept in the basement. It’s important to check if your policy has any exclusions.

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