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Motorcycle Insurance in Texas

We know that obtaining motorcycle insurance before getting on the road is an absolute must. At Rasor Insurance, we provide the best coverage in Celina, TX. The state requires that motorcycle owners must have a Class M driver's license. Young drivers under the age of 20 are required to wear a motorcycle helmet.

Coverage Details

Motorcycle drivers of any age must be protected against any bodily injury and property damage through insurance. You will find that the State of Texas has many regulations in place. One of them is that you are required to inform the Department of Motor Vehicles if you lose your motorcycle coverage at any time. Computer data law states that all the relevant information must be given to the state so that your records can be compared to the records they have.

Equipment Needed

The state's rules revolve around any motorcycle equipment used, as well as the passengers riding one. While motorcycle drivers 21 and over do not always have to wear a helmet, their passenger does. If you are a motorcycle driver you must have sufficient medical insurance and/or have satisfactorily completed a motorcycle safety course to ride without a helmet.

It is important to note that in order to legally have a passenger on your motorcycle it must be properly equipped for two. Your passenger must be able to use handholds and footrests to ride legally. Any motorcycle driven on the streets must have all the following equipment:

  • a minimum of one tail lamp
  • a minimum of one-stop lamp
  • a minimum of one red reflector in the rear
  • a maximum of two head-lamps

You are also required to have a license plate lamp that is separate from the reflector. If one headlamp on your motorcycle is not working, you cannot legally drive it on the road. There are many motorcycle insurance companies in Celina TX, but to get the best possible quote

To get the insurance that will have you on the road quickly, call Rasor Insurance. There are many motorcycle insurance companies in Celina, TX, but we will give you a quote before our phone call with you has been completed.


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